Focus on Culture

01.08.2010 - 31.07.2012

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Grundtvig learning partnership “Focus on culture”

Duration:  01.08.2010 – 31.07.2012
Restrictive criteria, practices or policies prevent migrants and minorities from participating fully in the political, civic and cultural life of the country in which they live; members of these groups often develop novel forms of engagement in order to circumvent the obstacles. As far as our experience goes, culture is an important field, in which many (young) migrants and minorities get involved. It is a field, which offers the possibility of developing these novel forms of participation and of empowering themselves.

This learning partnership “Focus on culture” will discover, encourage, support and make public this unused potential of migrants and minorities trough culture and art.

Further targets:

-          supporting of intercultural / international dialog

-          strengthening the European identity

-          learning with and through the others

-          changing of perspectives

-          reducing prejudices

-          developing new solutions to prevent racism and xenophobia

-          empowerment as the basic principle: creation of a structure of trust, empowering and encouraging the migrants and minorities

-          recruiting persons who are engaged in the cultural sector with and without migrant background

-          creating a cultural network beyond the borders of Germany

-          publishing the cultural potential of migrants and minorities

Qualification of the learners through several activities during the project in form of seminars and workshops; recruiting artists and net-workers;

partner meetings in the different countries.

Results:Planning and realization of a culture week, for example with exhibitions, workshops and/or concerts, which are taking place in every partner institution.

A film will document the work and the events of the project.


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