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New September 2012

Focus on Cultures - an European Gathering from CantoMedien on Vimeo.


At the Institut für Migrations- und Aussiedlerfragen Heimvolkshochschule St. Hedwigs- Haus e.V. we had an important visitor:

President of the EU-Commission, José Manuel Barroso

16.09.2012: Oerlinghausen: Barroso-Besuch

16.09.2012: Oerlinghausen: Barroso-Besuch

16.09.2012: Oerlinghausen: Barroso-Besuch 

to see more pictures and to read the article, please click on the link:


NEWS July 2012:

The full video from the cultural week in Madrid:

Focus on Cultures - Madrid from CantoMedien on Vimeo.

News June 2012:

And the full video of the cultural week Resita, Romania.


Focus on Cultures - Resita from CantoMedien on Vimeo.


Have fun!