Outcomes Germany

On this site you can find an overview of some local activity outcomes that were running within the Grundtvig project.

Two years Grundtvig Learning Partnership-

What has Germany done between the meetings and cultural weeks ?

Here you can find a small selection of activities from 2011 to 2012 that have been done at the Institut für Migrations- und Aussiedlerfragen HVHS St. Hedwigs- Haus e.V. in Oerlinghausen. All additional information to download (flyer and articles) is in German.


1) "Prejudice-aware commitment in the community" - 25th to 27th of March 2011

Content: What are prejudices? How we use them and how were they used by others? Sense of self and awareness of others.

2) "L- Project: Lysistrata" at the 16th of July the young multicultural dancing-theatre company “Abrakadabraperformed this musical in the community of Oerlinghausen. Topics were: integration, misunderstandings, etc.


3) Exhibition: "Idea of man"

4) Workshop for youth leaders with migration backgrounds: "Learning Diversity in youth work" (4th to 6th of May 2012)

5) one day seminar with the topic "...and you are out!"

Content: raising the awareness for social marginalization.

 6) A nice web gallery of our painting exhibition, part of the our cultural week: Europa Colorata, you can find here.

All painters have a migration background: Pedro Barrocal, designer and artist, is from Palencia, Spain and the only professional artist of this exhibition, living from his artwork. Swetlana Pfau, a German-Russian migrant, finished her Studies in Art 2011, still working as a nurse.  Elbrus Sultanow is a refugee from Caucasian and was a Teacher of Art in his homeland; in Germany he has occasional jobs as a worker. Nadja Luschina, a Russian migrant, is a young assistant lecturer for German language and working since 2012 in the Art Class of Eugen Bednarek, Große Kunstgalerie Zeche Königin Elisabeth (Essen).

7) Another part of the opening of the Europa Colorata event was the poems of the literary-musical journey “Colours of art” from the musician Natalia Stuphorn and poet Dr. Norma de Driever. Please click here.